What is Congress?

Congress is an annual 2-day conference of Polish students in the UK uniting more than 400 members of Polish student societies from over 30 British universities.
The 2019 edition takes places in Oxford, 15-16 February 2019, organised for the third time by Oxford University Polish Society.



Intergenerational integration between students and alumni of Polish societies



Career development
and support for the future
of Polish students in the UK



Facilitating access to Polish talents in the UK for business in Poland and UK



Integration of students
and establishment of network between the societies

Why Congress?

The idea of Congress was initiated in 2007 by Mr. Zbigniew Pelczynski - a politics tutor at Balliol and a fellow at Pembroke College. The first edition took place in Oxford itself, and has been since organised by a different society each year.

 Congress is based on five main activities:

  • Keynote speaker addresses to shape the debate among Polish students in the UK

  • Panel debates with representatives of Polish politics, business and culture

  • Workshops with Polish young professionals to provide career opportunities

  • Networking sessions to create a community of Polish students in the UK

  • Social events that gather students and Polish professionals